Ultimate Poker Tables

Different from top to bottom

We see lots of screws and seams in other tables and this is common in lower end tables.   With our tables, you will never see a seam, a screw, a staple, or a "Trim Strip."   When you read "Assembled in America" it means they bought a container of cheap Chinese tables.

Quality starts with the materials

We use 3 sheets of plywood on every table.  Compare that to the cheap imported tables that use one sheet of Particle Board metal box frame and the differences are plentiful.   

We won't build a table with Felt or Velveteen

We only use top end suited speed cloth.  We won't build a table with "Felt" or "Velveteen" and nearly every builder out there will use suited speed cloth as an upgrade.     SSC is rated for commercial applications and it's waterproof.

In 2011 we went looking for an American made, quality Hold'em table we could afford.   When we couldn't find one - we built one.    When people saw that first table, they loved it and said "You should sell those!"     The rest is history.........

Ultimate Poker Tables is located in sunny Phoenix Arizona. We build full size, fully Customized Texas Hold'em poker tables. We build our tables one at a time using the best poker specific materials available. Our tables are built to last and don't worry when that beverage gets spilled, as it always does. Our Suited Speed felt is casino quality, waterproof, and made to last. We use heavy duty Marine grade vinyl to give your table a true Las Vegas quality feel and look. Never a seam and we don't use particle board or cheap OSB. Our tables are hand made, one at a time and not blindly drop shipped. We also make an 8 player six foot table that is a full 48 inches wide. Compare that to other builders tables that are only 42 inches wide. We offer tables with folding legs, or wood pedestals. Our unique build process uses bolts (not screws) allowing you to add pedestals down the road should you grow tired of the folding legs. Ultimate Poker Tables.com is an Independent Poker Table builder located in Phoenix Arizona. We are not affiliated in any way with any other company.

We didn't invent the custom Hold'em table,

We perfected it

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