Caring for your Table

Here are some tips to keep it looking new

While your Ultimate Poker Table is made to last a lifetime, there are some key things you can do to keep it looking new for years to come.

Tip#1 Keep it covered. Dust loves your poker table. Wipe down the racetrack after the every game and cover it to keep it ready for the next game. When you own an Ultimate Poker Table, you never know when a poker game will break out.

Tip#2  Keep a cotton dish cloth or towel hanging from either of your two carry handles we put on every table. When that drink spills, and it will, you will be ready to wipe it up.

Tip #3 When you have a spill, drag the cloth or towel "over" the spill. Don't rub it downward.

Tip #4 For Folding Leg tables, unfold your table and set it up 4 hours or more before your game to allow the foam time to recover. Also, store your folding leg table on alternate sides so the foam on both sides shares the load of sitting on its side.

Tip #5 Only use warm water to wipe down your arm rail. Never use Armor All type automotive sprays. A damp kitchen cloth is all you need.

Tip #6 Your cups are siliconed in from the bottom. They are easily removed should you ever need to remove one to clean it. All you need is a straight edge or razor blade to cut around the bottom of the cup. Then use the palm of your hand to pop the cup out. When your done cleaning, drop the cup back in the hole and place a bead of black silicone around it.

Tip #7 If you ever tear your playing surface or your arm rail, your Ultimate Poker Table is made to be easily service by removing the 8 arm rail bolts or the 6 playing surface bolts. .


We deliver your table in an enclosed trailer to keep it clean, secure, and ready for your first game. If your narrowest doorway is under 32 inches, we'll take the pedestals off and take the table in first, then the pedestals second. Please note that we don't do tight stairs. If there is any chance that we might damage your table, or your house, we may choose to leave the "moving" to the "movers" and safely put your table in the garage.

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